Extrusion Coating & Lamination

For co-extrusion coating and extrusion laminating of substrates, GLS has the latest machine from Huilong that has a speed range to the extent of 200m/min.

This sophisticated extrusion coating and lamination setup allows us to achieve laminates for composite substrates including the ability to achieve 2 ply, 3 ply and 5 ply laminates. Where industry demands are escalating every day, we at GLS are always upgrading our infrastructure to ensure that our capabilities in extrusion coating and lamination are always a step ahead of others in catering to your needs.



GLS has capacities in the following range:

  • Inner
  • Capacity: 1000 MT per month
  • Available Capacity – 100-150 MT
  • Outer
  • Capacity: 3.50 cr pouches per month
  • Available Capacity – 1.0-1.5 cr pouches per month