Cylinder Manufacturing Division

A notable hallmark of our plant is the Cylinder Manufacturing Division. We have the latest and the best ensemble of machinery and world class technology which have enabled us to manufacture electromechanically engraved printing cylinders.

These feature the state-of-art technologies for entire set of base shell manufacturing, engraving, copper plating plant, high quality proof presses, a sophisticated pre-press studio and advanced holographic machines. We also have specialized in developing custom gravure inks for printing and lamination. These products have made a mark in the industry by their superiority in meeting the toughest demands and adapt to a wide range of printing conditions and substrate qualities.

Our in-house designing section works on advanced software from Esko Graphics, Belgium for pre-press studio and Arabesque software from Agfadotrix to create extremely rapid seamless repeats, of precisely matched designs. Apart from this, our pre-press studios are equipped with Cruse software to scan multiple formats with highest accuracy and precision. The scanning process is as per the application that may vary from images of thick, mounted, delicate or 3-D originals. There is also excellent facility for large format originals, fine art, reprographics, catalogue, PCBs, maps, exploration of forensic evidence and analysis of rare documents and books. Proofing of cylinders is available for all kinds of substrates making it extremely user friendly and easy for our customers to approve and study the proofs before final prints.