In meeting the needs of the FMCG segment, GLS has a proven record in the country’s packaging industry. It is at par with international standards since a number of consumer products are formulated and manufactured with foreign collaboration.

Considering the customer’s credentials and the brand reputation of each product, GLS has exclusive expertise in terms of the design and colour combination of packaging for the best aesthetical presentation in the market. The entire process is closely monitored for mechanical and chemical properties including puncture and bursting strength.

Home Care

For items of domestic use, GLS has appropriate product-wise techniques in the base material and shape of packing including special effects. Chemical properties of the contents in the packaging are kept in view right from the design to the final stage of production. We have the expertise to render metallic appeal even without metallization of the material.

Personal Care

Our expertise and contribution in the personal care segment is evident from the premium brands of personal care cosmetics, hair oils, shampoo, talcum powder, deodorants, tooth pastes and assorted items that we pack with the exclusive know-how provided.